Extend Your Pharmacy To Your Community

Protect Your Patients and Your Pharmacy

Immediate Automatic Secure Dispensing

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Remote Secure Prescription Orders, Online Payments and Contactless Delivery


It's More Than Just An App- It's A Strategy

"It's the extension of all Your Pharmacy services such as Prescriptions, Appointments, Front of Shop ... right into your Patients phone".

"It enables instant engagement via messaging to revenues while enhancing loyalty through superiour care and convenience."

"Implemented effectively, it can allow you to convert your instore visitors or local community online to installs at scale for remarketing."


The Future Of Pharmacy Engagement - Our Services:

Medi Marshal is your own white lable mobile app fully integrated to your Pharmacy dispensary enabling patients to submit prescriptions, manage medications & reminders, book appointments and more... plus integration of your online store and targeted promotional capabilities to drive sales.


Medi Marshal Pro is an optional App Marketing strategy support service to drive installs on your app at scale both via instore and online channels. 


We automate superiour in-store discovery using technologies such as Tap (NFC) or Snap (QR Codes) on in store collateral.


We run campaigns to drive installs at scale through Your Website, Facebook and other online touchpoints to rapidly grow your install base.

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1.  Order App

Let us capture your brief and needs and design an App with your preferred features and we'll fully integrate it with your Dispensary and host and maintain on the App Stores on your behalf.


2.  Promote App

Easily promote app to convert your In-Store Patients and Online Customers at scale using our how to  guide or alternatively let us manage this for you with our Medi Marshal Pro service.


3.  Measure Success

Measure App performance and downloads via our Dashboards.  If you have Medi Marshal Pro, we can even create an optional unique dashboard to show you which channels drive your app installs.

Three Simple Steps For An Effective App Strategy


Unique Design To Match Your Pharmacy Brand

Example of branded Pharmacy apps

We design  your app to match any brand guidelines


Safe & Secure Technology & Processess


Full state of the art end to end Encryption from Dispensary to Cloud and Patient Device for all Prescriptions and Medical History. 


For Prescriptions & Medical history, Patients must be validated by Pharmacy to use service from initial registration.  Finger print login facilitated for future swift and secure login.


Plans Available To Suit Every Pharmacy

Independent Pharmacy

Independent Pharmacy

Our Medi Marshal or Medi Marshal Plus plans can provide you with an entry level or 'feature rich' Branded Pharmacy app.

Multiple Pharmacy

Multiple Pharmacy

If you are a chain or have multiple pharmacies, we have scaleable plans to match your needs.

Custom Developments

Custom Developments

If you have internal systems you wish to integrate with app e.g. your loyalty scheme or want any custom features, we have plans to cater for you.