Medi Marshal PRO


App Marketing service for Pharmacies that wish to drive app installs and engagement at scale

✔ App Promotion:  Drive installs at scale for your app quickly


✔ App Engagement:  Increase usuage and upsell from app

✔ App Analytics:  Measure on campaigns and app performance


Get A Marketing Boost!

Medi Marshal Pro is our marketing support agency here to assist Pharmacies to promote their Mobile App effectively.

We have the know how and expertise inhouse to drive the app for you so you can focus on your core activites.

Alternatively, use our how to guides to do it inhouse.

Marshal Pro is here to simplify and manage this for you.


Superior In Store Discovery

By kitting your store out with QR Code & NFC enabled Stands, Counter Displays or Shelf Edge Talkers, your customers can easily acquire your app as simple as a TAP or SCAN.

We work with you to understand your store layout and can even provide NFC wrist bands so your store personal can install App to a Customers phone by a tap from the wrist. 




These NFC/QR Code solutions can convert lots of instore Customers to continually grow your app base.


Acquire Installs at Scale


Digital Media Channels are powerful ways to onboard a large user base to your app instantly e.g. through Text Message, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Email & Online Advertising Campaigns.

Additionally, using Pop up code we can provide to you, you can begin converting any of your online Customers to App Users with simple promotions like below:


The key to onboarding a user base most effectively is to ensure your promotion is service or incentive led, but to then have the app as the call to action to redeem said service or incentive.

We can manage these campaigns and design the best onboarding experience by liasing with you and the types of promotions that would work best for your Pharmacy.


Example In-Store Contextual Campaign - Shelf Talkers


Our  Range Of Services


Example Campaign

Taking example of pharmacy with 10 stores with example reach:


An effective campaign mix in this example could generate up to 12k installs per month*


*results vary by pharmacy & by service and level of incentive offered

Plans Available To Suit Every Pharmacy


Per Campaign

We build a mix of campaigns to match your budget.  You can pay for each campaign seperately


Monthly Packages

Ideal for larger Pharmacies, we can build a package mix that repeats and evolves monthly to drive the best possible user base.