Pharmacy App Key Performance Indicators

What a fantastic year 2018 has been for Medi Marshal. With over 20 different pharmacy chains and Independants having been part of our initial soft launch trial period now completed- we now have some significant and impressive trends and stats to share with the market as to how a personally Branded Patient App could benefit your Pharmacy. These results are impressive and we have more features coming soon and will update these results again shortly.

The Key Features That Resonate With Patients:

Below is an example of some of the main features of the app and how they compare on average. Interestingly, the top 3 features we are observing with users are Prescriptions, Appointment Booking and Online Shopping. These are clearly the main attractors and reasons Customers download and use the app which can be seen in the proportions of usage below.

In addition to this is Social Media & News seems to have a strong pull. 5th down on the list is Loyalty/Rewards which was surprising, followed next by store Locator. It appears loyalty makes a good feature but it is not thought to be the main attractor and no substitute for extending a Pharmacies existing services to their Customers conveniently through Mobile.

Extending these services directly to Patients Mobile Devices and enabling more conveniences through the app e.g. Ordering your Prescription so as to jump the Queue, booking appointments instantly or shopping through the app are now evidently performing and engaging strongly with Patients.

Notifications Have Demonstrated To Be A Powerful Instant Communication Channel:

In addition to this we are seeing some pharmacies commence with push notification and marketing messages. These are having a cut through rate of 90% performing substantially better than any email campaign with a comparative 2-5% avg rate. These are proving very effective for promotions, driving footfall in store using timesensitive and GPS/location based offers and to promote new product releases and services.

It's Making Patients More Loyal:

Moreover we are seeing results now that a Branded Pharmacy Mobile App is having significant impact on retention figures and direct engagements with the Pharmacy. Its effect on attracting new Customers to a pharmacy based on the conveniences and superiour service offered through app that Consumers now expect in a digital age. While these again vary by Pharmacy, we are seeing a 19.6% boost to loyalty over the period versus users not on the app*

It's Allowing More Time For Pharmacists to Focus On Key Activities:

In addition to the positive results for Customers, is also the positive impact this Patient app proposition is having for store efficiencies. With Medi Marshal being the only solution fully integratable with your MPS Dispensing System, it allows for faster prescription fulfillment thereby giving more time back to the Pharmacist that could be spend on front of shop and other key areas of the business thereby boosting revenue generating activities. We are seeing for Mobile generated orders a 38.3% increase in dispensing efficiency which is a valuable return of time and resources back to your business.

Patients Are Find Value And Retaining App:

Most impressively was the App uninstall rate which is extremely low versus industry average- meaning most patients retain app and find it convenient- 6 months on 80% of users have still retained app on average. To understand how successful this is, compare that to the app industry average which normally only retains 23% of Daily Active Users within 3 days of installation. An average of 26% of app installs are uninstalled in the first hour. That uninstall rate rises to 38% in the first day, 64% in the first month, and about 89% over 12 months. Those figures represent the average across all app types. (Source Kantar/ITR 2015)

Successful App Promotion Has Proven Key To Success:

These results obviously vary by pharmacy and depend on how strongly and effectively the app is promoted of course. Check out our other blog for our best tips on "How to promote your app effectively". The strongest results we are seeing are with Pharmacies that follow this promotional guideline combining with incentives for users to download app. This guide will best place you to create sufficient discovery for your app to generate these positive results to your Pharmacy Brand.

We are seeing strong reaction for downloads based on this guideline document, particularly with specific demographic targeted Facebook and SMS campaigns, Store promotion and more if combined with incentives per advice in our promotional blog.

For example, taking a recent Facebook campaign for an independent pharmacy that targeted Males & Females aged 18 to 65, with location targeting of ad to be specifically 15 miles around the town, has as a result, generated an install rate of 9.2% and an advertising cost per acquisition of only €0.09c***

See how powerful this medium has been for App Installs and why it proves it's critical for a Pharmacy to have a Patient App, taking Naas as example town below.

Although It Sounds Complicated, We've Made It All Very Simple:

We now offer a full Marketing Support service package, so we can ensure your pharmacy app achieves the same level of download success based on the learnings of what works. Clients are delighted that all this can be automated on their behalf.

* Pharmacies results vary depending on their navigation, content and proposition structure. Figure presented is based on avg from pharmacies that assisted in our report calculation findings. ** Stats are since launch of Medi Marshal to present. No customer private data is used in this article and only average overall trends is displayed.

*** Any campaign results are dependent on effectiveness of creative, incentive offered by Pharmacy for app download and ad spend and targeting parameters which do differ by Pharmacy.

While we can only share some general stats based on averages, if instead you would like a demo on Medi Marshal or prediction of how Medi Marshal could impact your unique Pharmacy key KPI's... just get in touch here

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