Setting Up Apple & Google App Store Accounts.

Once you have decided you want to get your own Pharmacy Branded App- there will be a few things we will need to get your app Live on Apple and Google Play App Stores.

Setting Up Apple App Account:

Apple mandate that all companies with their own copyright branding must create their own app store account. This is easy to set up.

Step 1: You can enroll and set up an account here . Once you access the web page click on the Enroll button in top left corner.

Once you have done this you will be brought to a page like this. Scroll to bottom and click on start your enrollment.

Step 2: Register or Login. If you already have an Apple Developer account for your Pharmacy just login and go to step 6.

If though you do not have a Apple ID or account for your Pharmacy- then you must create an Apple ID by clicking on the "Create Apple ID" button on this screen.

Step 3: In the registration screen below- create your Apple ID by filling in the form.

Now to complete your registration, go to the email for your pharmacy that you registered and get the activation code in the email received from Apple. Go back to your Apple ID registration webpage and enter the code in the pop up that appeared.

Step 4: Next login to your Apple Account with the username and password you created in step 3.

Step 5: Read and Agree to Apple's T&C's.

Step 6: Join Apple Developer Program & Enroll. On the page you land on after agreeing to the T&C's- click on this option at botton of page.

Then click on the Enroll button option on the next page.

Step 7: Register As a Company in the Entity Field.

Step 8: Get Your DUNS Number. In the new area that appeared in bottom of same webpage- click on the "Check Now" button to get a DUNS Number.

Step 9: Register for DUNS number. Fill all details on form to be sent your DUNS Number.

Once you complete this you will get confirmation screen like below. Note this can be instant or take a few days to get email.

Step 10: Go back to same webpage i.e. and now relogin with your Apple ID and complete the registration and payment to set up an Apple Account. Then you are complete.

Setting Up Google App Account:

Apple have a much simplier process again. Just follow their guide here to set up a Google Play Developer Account for your Pharmacy:

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