Smart Ways to Promote Your Pharmacy App

Once you receive your Own Branded Medi Marshal Pharmacy App - you need to create discovery plan so your patients and customers can find and download

Every app always needs a good Discovery/Marketing plan to make it successful. Just developing an app and hoping users will find it in the app store is not an effective discovery plan as the app store today has millions of apps.

However creating an effective app discovery plan can be quite simple and does not have to be expensive as you already have a lot of interaction with your patients.

Below is a list recommend ways you can promote your App to drive an instant user base. If you consistently market the app in this way over time you will develop a significant Mobile Marketing Channel on your app to drive more orders, footfall in store and enhance your loyalty with your patients.

1. In Store Promotion: A simple poster or other in store collateral promoting that your app exists and that it is available in the Apple App. For example a poster near your sales desk, or in your store window can be simple and effective.

2. Prescription Bag Leaflet or Sticker: This one is really powerful as it allows the user to read, understand and consider when they get home with their medication. Simply create a special leaflet that explains the benefits of your app and simple instructions of how it works and where to download it. Then have your employees drop this into every prescription order bag. What works equally well instead of a leaflet is to place even a sticker on the bag that advertises the app and where to download similarly.

3. Promote On Your Pharmacy Website: Adding the app to any existing website you have would be also be good to convert web traffic into loyal app users. There are a few ways you can do this. Adding App download icons for Apple and Google Play would be highly effective. Users landing on your website would instantly know there is an app available. Enhancing this so that these download items appear as a pop up when user is accessing your website by Mobile would be even better as the user is already accessing your website from Mobiles and can simply click on a button to download there and then. Over 70% of users on average access websites on mobile so this can be highly effective for converting existing web traffic into app users.

4. Social Media Posts: Adding a Download app button to your Social Media page (which Facebook allows) is a great way to have a constant call to action to download app when users access your page.

Additionally promoting the same web advertising banner per mentioned earlier as a post in itself to convert your existing follows into app users is a great thing to do.

5. Social Media Advertising: Even better is promoting your Pharmacy App as a promoted post on Facebook for example. Facebook advertising is relatively cheap, allowing you to reach a targeted audience e.g. if you manage a pharmacy in a specific town e.g. Waterford you could target an ad to appear just to people living in the town of Waterford with a specific post to appear in their news feed. This can give you a great competitive edge in your trading area against other Pharmacies to steal a lead. Usually this is more effective as a first mover, to capture the audience first to your app.

See example Facebook Video ad below. Imagine one of these for your pharmacy appearing in the Facebook feed of everyone in your town. This can be very effective at attracting users at scale very cost effectively:

6. Newsletters and Emails: Always add the 'Download Our App' as a call to action at the foot of any email campaigns or even your standard company email signature footers. This means every newsletter or email communication from your pharmacy is constantly advertising your app.

7. Add Incentives: Always a great way combined with any of the above methods of promotion is to add incentives to download the app. For example if you create a unique special offer that can only be availed of via the app or even a competition or other reward, this can act as a real stimulation for the user to download the app. Combine this around an event e.g. 20% off all Mothers Day gifts ordered via our Pharmacy Mobile App can be extremely effective.

8. Messaging: If you also have registered contactable phone numbers for each of your patients, you can do something extremely powerful and simply text all your patients at once when your app goes live in the app store. You can only do this provided your patients have consented to opt in to such communications from you per your own Terms and Conditions at time of registration of this number. If though you have consent, simply text them with a message e.g.

What makes this one of the most powerful ways to create an app user base is that the recipient is getting the message on their phone, plus a call to action immediately to download and install. This has very little friction and high reaction rate. (combine this with an incentive to enhance).

9. Web Advertising: You can also promote your app on various websites that may be points of interest for your patients to visit online. Placing banner ads or even Google Adwords is another effective way to attract users to your app.

10. Local Print Media: Don't forgot advertising in local papers, billboards, posters and more are all good ways to reach out and advertise that your pharmacy now has a convenient app for patients. You can enhance these adverts with a call to action QR code or add the 'Now Available in App Store' call to action at foot of ad.

11. PR: One of the best and cheapest ways to create initial promotion for your app is to get your app featured in an article in your local media. This could be in the paper, local radio station or other.

12. Enhance Features: If you initially start out on an entry version of a Pharmacy App, over time consider adding enhanced features such as Loyalty Card, Online Selling, Appointments Booking Management and more. More features and value/usefulness you provide to your patients the more likely they are to download and retain your app due to the extra convenience it offers.

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