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HASSLE FREE FULLY PROVIDED APP MARKETING In-Store: We design, print and deliver marketing displays that work out of the box to provide a hassle free way for you to convert visitors in store into app installs naturally. Digital Advertising: Using channels like Facebook/Instagram, we can offer cost effective ways for you to extend your reach and engage with your community at scale in your local town(s). App Marketing now simplified and automated so you can stay focused on your Customers while we drive your Patient Install Base. Brand Storytelling & Experiences: This App Marketing solution allows Brands to have richer Storytelling engagements with customers- right from product displays, le

POINTS vs REWARDS: Which Works Best?

With a point-based loyalty program, you’ll reward your consumers as soon as they have collected enough points to “deserve” their rewards. You’ll build a whole system of points and thresholds to gratify consumers proportionally to their level of engagement. But if you want to strengthen brand loyalty, you can also choose to implement instant rewards campaigns. In this scenario, you’ll reward your consumers every time they complete a specific action of your choice – traditionally a purchase, but it can also be filling out a form, or answering a survey. This is very much like the free gift in your Pharmacy Bag. Many brands implement complex point-based loyalty programs and end up regretting it

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